10 Tips: Getting ready to Zoom with Your Divorce Mediator

You are getting ready for your first divorce mediation session – and it’s online.  No need to dress up.    No scheduling travel time or paying parking fees.  Here are 10 tips to help make the most of your online mediation. 1.  Be Comfortable Find a comfortable place to speak.  It might be in your

Divorce Mediation Makes Even More Sense During a Pandemic: What are your options now?

If you have been unhappy in your marriage, you can take steps to get divorced – even during the pandemic.   You can safely communicate with your mediator. Your safety is important.  We can “meet” but not in person.  For years, I have been videoconferencing with clients.  In a video conference, we can see each other

Divorce and Medical Insurance

Each year you make medical insurance decisions.  You review plan summaries, benefit options and premium costs.   After a lot of time, effort and analysis, you select a plan for the next year.  It’s complicated and when you are in the midst of a divorce — it feels even more complicated. For some, this is your