Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative DivorceIn a Collaborative Law Divorce, each person has an attorney.  I will be at your side at all meetings in which you share information and make important decisions.   The exchange of all relevant information is transparent: it is shared freely and voluntarily.  You speak for yourself.  You and your spouse make the decisions.

As your Collaborative attorney, I am there to make sure that you have clearly expressed your needs and interests, considered your short- and long-term goals and to help you understand your spouse’s perspective through the Collaborative divorce process.  Your spouse’s attorney, also,  will have training in Collaborative Law.  Both attorneys sign an agreement to be completely focused on settlement – we do not prepare for trial.  You will have comfort to know that your spouse’s attorney will agree to never depose you or  cross examine you.  You and your spouse control the pacing of the process and the final resolution.

Usually, we alternate meetings between my office and the other attorney’s office. This is one of the three conference rooms used for Collaborative Law cases at my office.

How do you start a Collaborative Divorce?   First, contact my office to schedule an appointment.  Before we meet,  I may send you some information about Collaborative Divorce. At our first meeting, we will determine if Collaborative Law is the right process for you and your spouse.  If so, we will discuss how to proceed.

Want more information?  Lisa Smith and one of her clients discuss the Collaborative Law process in an article appearing in the Wellesley Weston Magazine.