Collaborative Law

Article on Collaborative Law. An article featuring one of Lisa’s clients discussing collaborative law

Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council. Learn about Collaborative Divorce in Massachusetts.

Collaborative Divorce Knowledge Kit


Information about shared parenting plans during divorce

The Divorce Center Suggested Readings

Children’s Rights Council

Up To Parents. Information for divorcing families

Families Change Website.  How to speak with your children about divorce

Children: The Experts on Divorce (Video)

Child Support

MA Child Support Worksheet

MA Child Support Guidelines

Child Support Enforcement


General Overview of Tax Consequences of Alimony

Alimony Law in Massachusetts  Alimony agreements and orders entered after December 31, 2018 may not have federal tax consequences.


Division of Property Law in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Land Records. Information on deeds, mortgages and more

Kelly Blue Book. Information about the estimated value of your car or other vehicle


IRS Publication. Information about tax areas affecting a divorce

Social Security

Social Security Benefits

Medical Insurance & Divorce

List of Self-Insured Employers in Massachusetts. (must be independently verified)

Medical Insurance for Divorced Spouses Law 


Learn more about mediation in Massachusetts

Divorce Filing

Joint Petition for Divorce (no fault, uncontested)

Complaint for Divorce (no fault, contested)

Statistic Form

Financial Statement: Long Form

Financial Statement: Short Form

Financial Statement Attachment A: Self-Employed Form

Financial Statement Attachment B: Rental Income Form