Divorce Mediation Makes Even More Sense During a Pandemic: What are your options now?

If you have been unhappy in your marriage, you can take steps to get divorced – even during the pandemic.  

You can safely communicate with your mediator.

Your safety is important.  We can “meet” but not in person.  For years, I have been videoconferencing with clients.  In a video conference, we can see each other and, as importantly, I can share with you pictures of documents that we need to discuss and update.  

If you don’t have a computer, that’s okay.  Right now, some of my mediation clients are having telephone mediation sessions.  

Courts are closed to public – but mediation is available.

The courts are closed to the public except for emergency situations.  Mediation and collaborative law are still available – because they don’t take place in court.  Mediation can be done on-line or on the phone.

You have options if you want to move forward with a divorce.  In mediation and collaborative law, you share important information and documents and you can make important decisions remotely with an experienced lawyer/mediator.   Mediation can be a more efficient way to get a divorce right now –  your divorce documents can be ready sign and file with the court.    Reaching these difficult divorce decisions should provide to you and your spouse some peace of mind – a chance to move towards your post-divorce lives. 

Other resources.

Divorce is not often the first step for someone unhappy in marriage.   If your marriage was fine until the recent pandemic, you may want to try other resources before considering divorce.  My office offers marital mediation  – this helps couples stay married   You discuss how you will communicate and live during this challenging time.   Another option is individual counseling to help you explore why you have these feelings.  Also, you may consider couples counseling that may assist both of you in understanding and improving your relationship.

How do we decide?

As a divorce mediator and collaborative attorney, I can help you and your spouse discuss this issue and reach a decision that works best for both of you.  Contact mediation and collaborative law office now to set up an appointment.